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Volunteer Info

We need your help!

We have a new Host/Ambassador Program that does not require any artistic talent. All that is needed is enthusiasm and the ability to guide visitors who attend.

This year’s volunteer plan is categorized into various titles, duties and shifts.


Skilled, knowledgeable, and social adults and/or experienced young adults Able to refer to locations of events, understand the borough and can give directions and interact with guests.


Students and friends of the artists Able to take directions from the Ambassadors Dedicated to set of exhibiting artists, and checks in on them as needed for breaks, questions, help, loading etc.


Social adults and/or experienced young adults Able to refer questions to Ambassadors or concierge Can answer basic questions about METfest and refer people to parking locations.

All volunteers will receive a free, T-shirt and button.

Volunteers will receive a free, brightly colored T-shirt to wear to make it easy for visitors to spot them in order to ask questions and receive programs.

For more information on how to get involved in this great program contact: Audrey Hausser - (732) 646-0934 Ahausser@msn.com and Tyreen Reuter - the Metuchen Area Chamber of Commerce: (732) 548-2964 or metuchenchamber@optimum.net.

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Sculpture 2018!

Lambertville NJ Artist Susanne Pitak Davis Lambertville NJ Artist Susanne Pitak Davis to Create Sculpture for 2018 METfest.

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Volunteer. Get a shirt.

We are seeking community members to help visitors find their way around the ArtFest, no artistic talent required! See the volunteer page for more info.

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